Friday, June 29, 2012

Two and a Half!

Dear G,

Today you turn 2½, and since you’re a Christmastime baby, we’ll always make it a point to celebrate your half birthday. We’re heading to the toy store to pick out something special, and tonight we’re going to a mini prom with your school friends!

You are (literally) climbing on me at the moment, so I’ll make this quick. Here’s a synopsis of you at 2½!

Favorite color: Pink (a testament to your girly girl side)

Best friends: Simona, Maggie, Jaycie, Tiz

Favorite teacher: Ms. Sergina

Early talent: Singing!

Favorite foods: Blueberries, mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, pizza

Favorite drink: Milk

Favorite toy: Plush IKEA doll that looks like Bill Clinton

Favorite shows: Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Favorite book: Once Upon a Potty

Cool things you do: Count to 20 (and to 10 in Spanish), recite the ABCs, recognize numbers and letters, sing “Jesus Christ Superstar” (complete with hand motions)  

Obsessed with:  Water. You love taking baths, washing your hands, going to swim lessons, sitting in your kiddie pool, playing with your splash table, and filling up toys with water and carrying them to your play kitchen (which we could do without)

Also love: Bubbles, your swing set, putting your dolls down for naps throughout the house using dish towels as blankets

Random factoids: You’re a leftie, you’re a picky eater, you often look serious in pictures even though you’re goofy, and you’re a mama’s girl…yay!
You fit so seamlessly into our little family and make us SO happy—but even more, you make us better.  Happy 2½!