Monday, October 18, 2010

Life is Simple, Life is Sweet

Boy oh boy, am I ever remiss about this blogging thing! While I’ve never been busier, I’ve also never felt more PRESENT. I find myself saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” in my subconscious all day long…not just for Gilly, but also for how she’s opening up our world. It’s funny how being a parent sort of lights a fire under you, inspiring you to do whatever it takes to create the best life possible for your little one. There’s still a lot of work to do in terms of becoming buttoned-up grownups, but our life is filled with laughter and silliness every single day, which seems to be a pretty good start.

Gilly doesn’t laugh often, but when she does, she’s a giggle machine. She usually gets a burst of energy at night right before bed, making her punchy and silly as all get-out. Jar and I compete over who can make Gilly laugh more—and although he’s the family funnyman, she’s finds my comedic stylings nothing short of hilarious. Her favorites?

  • I pretend to walk away then turn back around quickly with a big, crazy smile.
  • I have conversations with her stuffed animals or bath toys, making animated facial expressions and then acting like they scare me.
  • I say, “Oh, no you di-int” over and over, complete with exaggerated neck roll (works every time).
Sigh. She’s a really easy audience.

Jar still rocks her world, of course, but I’m finally catching up. Whoo hoo! I have to say I’m totally on board with this mommy phase. A few weeks ago I took a four-day business trip, going straight from the airport to her daycare to pick her up upon my return. The look on her face when I walked in the room was absolutely priceless—wide eyes, huge smile and a succession of blinks, as if she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming. Pushing her home in the stroller, she kept turning back every few paces with a huge grin on her face, as if to check if I was still there. I used to get nothing but stoic stares from her while Jar got all the smiles, and now THIS??! Talk about a heart melter!

In terms of development, Gilly is standing on her own and taking a few brief steps before wiping out. She weighs almost 21 pounds, measures 29.5 inches, and has (at last count) 9 teeth! She LOVES music (especially the Laurie Berkner Band) and bops from side to side as soon as a tune comes on. The other night we were watching Glee and she was MESMERIZED by the musical numbers—just staring at the screen with delight. Gilly’s also a fantastic eater and will chow down on pretty much anything: yogurt, tiny pieces of chicken, mashed avocado, cheddar cheese, Cheerios, and every variety of jarred baby food under the sun except for peas (and I can’t say I blame her). She’s super active and just wants to stand, climb and (try to) walk. We’ll let you know when she succeeds!