Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Crawling, holding her own bottle, and standing up in her crib…all in the same week? Yes, 7 months is turning out to be a magical age for Gilly when it comes to milestones. Just today, she waved bye-bye for the first time (to a baby in her music class) and sprouted her fourth tooth when I wasn’t looking. Other cool tricks?
  • She says “Dada,” “Baba” and “Yaya”…but no “Mama” yet (of course)

  • She moves her head in a very Stevie Wonder-like fashion when you ask her to do “side to side”

  • She pounds the table with her little fist when you say, “Do bang bang” (my Dad taught her that. Thanks, Dad!)

  • She feeds herself finger foods, like Cheerios, puffed rice and teething biscuits, which are messy little buggers

  • She’s outgrown her infant car seat and moved on to a “big girl” one

  • She scales furniture like it’s Mount Kilimanjaro. A real game changer, for sure.

Now that Gilly’s gone mobile, we’ve been furiously baby-proofing our home and buying new baby gear. One purchase I’m “on the fence” about is a baby gate Jar picked up that surrounds Gilly on all sides. You know how couples use shorthand with each other to describe certain household items when they’re in a hurry? After almost calling it a “cage” one day, we decided it was far more civilized to refer to as her “gated community”—or “community” for short.

In other news, Gilly’s experienced quite a few firsts this summer—first time in a pool, first time in the ocean, first time on a playground swing, first time at a petting zoo, and first time in Jersey! If she starts fist pumping, we’ll let you know.